Island Media Studios


Island Media Studios is a purpose-built studio complex for film, television and other media production, and is the only facility of its kind on the Isle of Man. Island Media Studios is a key player in the Isle of Man film industry and has helped to attract many of the 100+ films that have been made on the Island.

Originally built in 2001 as Island Studios, the buildings have recently been renovated, upgraded and re-branded as Island Media Studios to attract a broad range of media companies to the Studios in addition to the film and television productions that we are known for. The management is encouraging media companies, such as video game, Web development, animation and video production, to consider the studio for longer-term projects.

With our state of the art facilities, 5,000 square feet of office space, and ample parking, all set in idyllic surroundings, Island Media Studios is ready to take your next project from vision to reality.

Sound Stage

  • Length: 42.7m (140’)
  • Width: 24.4m (80’)
  • Height: 14.3m (47’)
  • Area: 1040.3 sq m (11200 sq’)
  • Large electric door and drive in access
  • 1000kva power supply to each wall of the stage via multiple sockets.


  • 260m sq (2,800 sq’) for in house set production
  • 6m (20’) head room
  • Large electric door and drive in access
  • Fully heated
  • Can also be used as a stage for smaller shoots

Office Space

  • Over 465m sq (5,000 sq’) of modern, fully heated office space available
  • Suitable as Production Offices, Art Department, Animation and Games Production

Internet Connectivity

  • Free Shared Public WiFi
  • Extensive High-Bandwidth Infrastructure available on site by arrangement with Manx Telecom or Sure


  • Washing and drying facilities
  • Dry cleaning available by arrangement

Other Facilities

  • Producers Suites
  • Green Room(s)
  • Edit Suites
  • Professional Kitchen and large Canteen
  • Male/Female Restrooms with Shower Rooms
  • Makeup/Hair studio - 6 fully equipped stations available
  • Prop Storage - 17.3 x 5.8m (56’ x 19’)